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We are anImmigration New Zealand appoved clinic  to provide medical examinations for applicants for visas and permits for New Zealand.

Blood tests and X-Rays are collected at our premises which means you only need one appointment for all your examinations.

Immigration New Zealand requires all applicants to have an acceptable standard of health.

For more information on the requirements of Immigration New Zealand , click here.

Our price for a standard Immigration medical is calculated as follows :                


If you are a tertiary student with a valid student ID you have a further discount of $20-00 on the total price.

We aim to finalise your Immigration medical on the next working day after your initial consultation.

Please allow at least 90 minutes for your appointment.

What you need to bring along::                                          

Your passport

Any specialist reports / previous medical records that you may have with you.

All Immigration medical examinations done at our clinic are electronically submitted to Immigration New Zealand.

Age 15 and over

Age 11 - 14

Age 0 - 10

Medical examination

$    95-00

 $    75-00

  $   75-00

Blood tests (includes the standard compulsory blood tests required by Immigration New Zealand)

$    95-00

Not normally required

Not normally required


$   75-00

 $   75-00

Not normally required


$  270-00

 $ 150-00

 $  75-00

Immigration medicals