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Medical Practitioners

Dr Andrew Grobler

Dr Tahira Jokhio

Dr Nawaf Al Obaydi

Dr Tamer Gamal El Din

Dr Yasser Gamal El Din

Practice Manager

   Aira Lansi

Clinical Coder   

    Sanaz Rezaeefard

Health care assistant

     Jackie Fernandez

      Shadi Shaafat

Practice Nurse

   Shayna Nisha


   Elfrieda Du Toit

Medical Radiation Technologists (Radiographers)

      Komal Shivnetra

Administration Staff

   Zenia Fernandes - Programme Administrator

Janine Sese - Receptionist

Mandy Recio- Receptionist

Muhammed Ozturk – Admin Assistant

Having an illness can cause you as a patient to feel vulnerable. You can also feel that you lack the knowledge about your illness and it may be necessary to reveal personal information to a health care provider.

The relationship that develops between a doctor and a patient is based on trust and commitment. As a patient you want to feel sure that your doctor knows you as a person, knows your values, your medical history and what worries you the most about your health. You want to know that your doctor is competent, listens and understands what you are trying to say and also listens to how you would like to do things. Your doctor should explain issues clearly, treat you as a partner in your own care, show compassion and be thorough.

Here at the Symonds Street Medical Centre we understand what our patients are looking for in a medical practice. We see you as a whole person with a mind and body together, not just patient number 3872 or something. We strive to be nonjudgmental and approach every patient as someone of worth who deserves to have every member of the team’s full attention and focus when we are in contact with each other.

We are currently looking for:

General Practitioners

Full details of the positions are available on request. Please send us an e-mail at admin@ssmc.co.nz if you would like further information.